Union Station Toronto Downtown-if you are arriving by train

At 65 Front Street West in the heart of Toronto, Union Station serves as a significant transportation hub. It is the busiest transit hub in Canada, acting as a hub for Toronto's subway system, intercity buses, and commuter trains.

Since its initial 1927 opening, the station has undergone significant modifications and upgrading initiatives. It now has a blend of old buildings and contemporary attractions, like stores, eateries, and a sizable concourse.

GO Transit commuter trains, Via Rail intercity trains, and Amtrak trains connect Toronto to locations across Canada and the United States, and they all stop at Union Station. With access to both Line 1 and Line 2, the station serves as a key intersection for the Toronto subway system.

In addition to providing transit, Union Station is well-known for its old buildings and public areas. The Great Hall is a popular location for gatherings and photos because of its intricate embellishments and enormous arched roof. The station also has a number of stores and eateries spread out around it, making it easy to get a snack or do some shopping.