Best restaurants in Toronto

Best restaurants in Toronto

Toronto has a diverse choice of superb restaurants serving food from all over the world. There is no shortage of options in this dynamic city, whether you want a fine dining experience, a casual bistro, or something in between. Here are some of Toronto's greatest restaurants, along with their addresses and phone numbers.

Restaurant Alo

Alo Restaurant, located at 163 Spadina Ave, is one of the city's most famous eateries. Alo serves modern French cuisine with a twist, with a menu that changes on a regular basis to highlight fresh ingredients. Because of its cozy ambience and modest, well managed wine list, the restaurant is a favorite choice for special occasions and romantic evenings out. You can reach them by dialing (416) 260-2222.

Canoe, located on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower at 66 Wellington St W, offers breathtaking views of the city skyline as well as delectable Canadian cuisine. The restaurant's menu includes locally produced products such as Ontario lamb and Quebec foie gras, and it has a large wine list. Canoe is a popular choice for business meals and special events due to its classy atmosphere and great service. They can be reached at (416) 364-0054.


Edulis, located at 169 Niagara St, is a tiny, intimate restaurant that delivers a one-of-a-kind eating experience. The menu emphasizes seasonal, locally sourced products, with a concentration on seafood. With exposed brick walls and a wood-burning stove, the ambience is cozy and rustic, and the service is friendly and pleasant. You can reach them by calling (416) 703-4222.

Steakhouse Jacobs & Co.

Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse, located at 12 Brant St, is a high-end steakhouse that serves some of the greatest cuts of meat in the city. The menu includes excellent cuts of beef, as well as seafood dishes and vegetarian options. With leather banquettes and a grand piano, the ambience is beautiful and sophisticated, and the service is outstanding. They can be reached at (416) 366-0200.


Pai, located at 18 Duncan St, is a prominent Thai restaurant that serves authentic Thai cuisine with a contemporary touch. The menu includes both traditional Thai dishes like pad Thai and green curry as well as lesser-known delicacies. With communal tables and an open kitchen, the ambiance is lively and bustling, and the service is courteous and professional. You can reach them by dialing (416) 901-4724.

Richmond Train Station

Richmond Station, located at 1 Richmond St W, is a prominent farm-to-table restaurant that serves unique, seasonal cuisine. The menu highlights regional delicacies such as Ontario duck and Quebec cheese, and the restaurant offers a comprehensive wine list. With an open kitchen and shared tables, the environment is casual and relaxing, and the service is kind and attentive. You can reach them by dialing (647) 748-1444.

Scaramouche Restaurant

Scaramouche Restaurant, located at 1 Benvenuto Pl, is a fine dining establishment that has been serving Toronto's elite for over 35 years. The menu includes classic French meals like foie gras and duck confit, as well as a variety of unique dishes. The ambiance is sophisticated and polished, with beautiful views of the metropolitan skyline and outstanding service. You can reach them by calling (416) 961-8011.

Royal Meats Barbeque

I personally love Royal Meats Barbeque that is a well-known Toronto restaurant that specialized on grilled meats, this restaurant provides a one-of-a-kind eating experience that will gratify meat enthusiasts.

The restaurant is located at 710 Kipling Ave in Toronto's Etobicoke suburb. It is easily accessible by automobile or public transportation, and there is free parking on-site. The restaurant's interior is warm and appealing, with warm lighting, wooden tables and chairs, and traditional decor.
The open kitchen of Royal Meats Barbeque is one of the restaurant's distinctive attractions, where diners can watch their food being made on a big grill. The menu includes grilled meats such as lamb chops, beef kebabs, chicken wings, and more. The meat is all halal and obtained from local farmers.

Overall, Royal Meats Barbeque is a terrific option for anyone in Toronto wishing to experience something new and unusual. With a focus on grilled meats and authentic Balkan cuisine, this restaurant provides a one-of-a-kind and delectable dining experience that is guaranteed to please.