Best pizza places in Toronto

Best pizza places in Toronto

Pizza is one of the most beloved comfort foods in the world, and Toronto has no shortage of amazing pizzerias to choose from. But what sets the best pizza places apart from the rest? We asked some pizza experts in Toronto to weigh in on their favorite 5-star pizza places in the city, and here are their top picks:

Maker Pizza: Toronto's top pizza connoisseurs have been raving about this well-liked eatery. Pizzas from the restaurant are excellent and savoury since they are made from scratch every day with premium ingredients. The "Montreal," a pie made by Maker Pizza, is known for its smoked meat, mustard, pickles, and mozzarella.

For more than ten years, Toronto's pizza scene has relied on Pizzeria Libretto, and for good reason. The eatery makes authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas in a wood-fired oven using locally and freshly sourced ingredients. Classic dishes like Margherita and Diavola are offered on the menu, along with inventive dishes like "Duck Confit" pizza.

Descendant Detroit Style Pizza: This distinctive and well-liked pizza joint specialises in Detroit-style pizza, which is distinguished by its thick crust and square form. The restaurant tops its pizzas with premium ingredients like house-made sausage and smoked bacon and uses a combination of flours to produce a crunchy yet airy crust.

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria is a tiny but formidable pizzeria that has been creating a stir in Toronto's pizza scene. The restaurant bakes its pizzas in a gas-fired oven with premium ingredients, producing delightfully crispy crusts. Both traditional pizzas like Margherita and Pepperoni as well as unique selections like the "Kimchee" pizza are available on the menu.

Superpoint: This hip pizza joint puts a distinctive spin on classic pizza. The eatery tops its pizzas with premium ingredients like San Marzano tomatoes and house-made ricotta and uses a sourdough crust. Toronto's pizza connoisseurs love the "Pepperoni" pizza from Superpoint.

In conclusion, there are many fantastic pizza options in Toronto, but these 5-star pizza establishments have shown to be among the best. These pizzerias have a wide variety of pizzas to choose from, including traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas and inventive new creations.